Which one is better Android phones or iPhone in 2019?

Which one are better Android phones or iPhone in 2019

Which one is better Android phones or iPhone in 2019?

Which one is better Android phones or iPhone in 2019?

Both the iPhone and Android offer great features but keeping all statements and intermediaries in mind, we have come to the verdict that Android is better than the iPhone and the more you can understand these reasons.

1. The back button is available on Android phones but is not on the iPhone which is simple and helpful to go to the previous screen.

2. Most Android phones have similar charging cables, and you can use any micro-USB cable to charge Android phones, while the iPhone specifically requires Apple’s proprietary lightning cable design.

3. You can see the notification in the top of Android phones from which notifications are easy to check and answer. This feature is available in IOS but Android has a better user interface and can be answered without notification without opening an app.

4. Optimizing Android phone is much easier and better than iPhone you can easily download third-party keyboard app, launcher, etc. If you do not want inbuilt, changing the phone’s interface, app, etc is very easy to do according to your wish.

5. Phone Lock Options: Android phone is easy to protect from using someone else with the pattern, face lock, fingerprint, password and number lock options, and locking and unlocking device are also easy, while only a few in the iPhone Fingerprints and passwords are included.

6. Rich Google Maps: Inbuilt Maps application on the iPhone is not as good as Google, while Android phones offer road accelerated views and work with Google Maps apps.

7. Apps Flexibility: The app is easy to download directly from the Store to your PC or Android phone, you can easily share files from one device to another. Second and iPhone requires iTunes or App Store which can be downloaded first.

8. Home Screens: Android allows you to create multiple home screens and store them on different home screen according to your need. This feature is not available with the iPhone. It gives users the right to access their favorite apps quickly.

9. A strong OS Built: Android developers have worked perfectly, the software is the best in the creation and operating market of the Android phone’s operating system.

10. Work with many apps: Android phones support opening multiple apps at one time and here you can work on all opened apps at the same time.

11. Price Comparison: The price of the iPhone is very high, while smartphones with Android platforms are very affordable.

12. External Memory Options: Most Android phones offer expandable memory, you can easily insert a micro SD card and extend the memory of your smartphone with multiple layers, while Apple does not allow memory expansion. Apple phones should be upgraded to expand memory with huge charges.

13. Long Durability: The Android Phone offers excellent offers to increase your tolerance These glass fronts and durable aluminum are made of you can see the bend test of Android and iPhone online.

14. Detachable Battery: Another strength of the Android phone is that it is capable of removing the battery, if any problem occurs then you can easily remove the battery and go to the service center for repair, while the iPhone does not provide a removable battery And this is not perfect for repairing a simple battery with your iPhone service center as well.

15. Account adaptability: Any Android-based tablet lets you work on many user accounts. This feature lets you share your Android tablet with your family and colleagues.

16. Water Resistant: Most Android phones are water resistant and dust resistant, whereas only the latest version of the iPhone 7 has optimized this feature.

17. Charging Options: Android phones are easily charged with wireless or cable.

18. Infrared Control: IR and infrared blaster to control Android phone offers another quality.

19. Cache, RAM Control: Android phones have support options for freeing Cache and making space for new apps.

20. File Manager: Smartphones packed with Android OS are more capable of accessing files from their storage devices or memory cards. All files are easy to access on your Android phone with the help of Simple File Manager apps.

21. Google’s cloud services are excellent and affordable and work well with Android phones.

22. File Sharing: Android phones allow any device to share any data via file, audio, video or Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IR, while sending or receiving data or files from any device to iOS Do not facilitate.
23. No. 1 App Market: For Android OS users can choose 2.2 million apps from their desired app store. Android has a major app store in comparison to iOS.
Which one is better Android phones or iPhone in 2019?
Which one is better Android phones or iPhone in 2019?
Which one is better Android phones or iPhone in 2019?
Which one is better Android phones or iPhone in 2019?
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