Top 12 apps are the best in the Android Platform

Google told these 12 apps are the best in the Android Platform

Google told these 12 apps are the best in the Android Platform

Google has best told these 12 Android Apps to be installed

These android apps are for all people, regardless of the apps you can download from Google’s play store and install it in your mobile, let me tell you about the app with which we can make our device more powerful Are.

1. Transformers: Forged to Fight – Best Game

Some people want to entertain free time with something, if you also like to play a game on your phone in free time, then this app is good for you. This is a game app that we can download free.

In this free app, you will have an iconic bot to collect on that bot, as well as in this game application to fight the enemy and defeating it is something like revenge, I have not tried it.

These apps work on almost all versions of version 4.4 or above, so far more than 60 million people have downloaded this game app.

2. Memrise: Learn a New Language

These apps are beneficial to everyone. On these apps, you can learn languages in any country such as Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Many languages like this can teach you on this app.

These are the first game apps like free Google has described it as the best apps. In this app, the language is taught from the help of games. We can download these apps for free from Google’s play store.

Also, these apps also work on the version system above version 4 version. This app is loved by a lot of people. Through this app, you can teach your children many languages.

3. Animal Jam – Wild: Best App For Kids

This is a free game app. Many games related to animals in this app are played in this app, so this app is an animal jam which is a 3D game. In this app, we can select the animal of our choice.

These apps are especially good for kids. Kids can learn a lot about an animal in these game apps, as well as have the opportunity to know real animals and their habits.

If you have taken an Android phone for your child then download these apps in it. These games work on apps 4.1 version or more version system.

4. IFTTT: Best Accessibility Experience

These apps are more intuitive. Approximately 425 other Android apps connected to this app are connected. We can use this app in a lot of work, we can not make these apps equal to the rest of the apps.

The most special and famous thing in these apps is that we can share photos on social sites, and you will also get per day forecast massage on this app.

One more special thing we can do is to use this app as well, as well as working on apps 4.1 or greater. You must try it

5. Share The Meal – Help Children: Best Social Impact

This is also a free app that has been created for children by the world food program. This is a charity app. Through these apps, anyone can feed the hungry thirsty kids.

With this app, you can make a payment for a child by paying some money. In these apps, a child has a fee of approximately 33 rupees.

Plus it supports Android Apps 4.1 version or more. You click here (click here) and download these apps.

6. Red Bull TV: Best TV Experience

The red bull TV is global multi-platform apps This app is distributed on digital TV, smartphone, tablet, and its website. These apps are, free. We can download it from the Google Play Store for free.

In the  Android apps, you can explore the world’s music, events, and support as well as this app you can see support events, music festival, TV Show, movies and documentaries.

For details about these apps go to a website like Wikipedia and click here to download this android app.

7. World:

This is a free android app. Any apps in this app can get information from any added reality, these apps work on a system of approximately 4.2 or greater.


Chat Stories: This is an entertainment Android apps as well as free too. We can read chat stories from other people in this app and they work on the version 4.o.3 android version or above.

9. Runtastic Running and Fitness:

This is a fitness Android apps, in which we can maintain a full record of all of our travel distance, calorie burn, and speed, etc. This is why this app has downloaded more than 50 million users now.

10. Hearthstone

This is a multiplayer game that anyone can easily play with, even with free, these games are also easy, as well as many fannies, they work on Android version 4 or more.

11. Virtual Reality:

These apps are not free. These apps work differently in every separate device. In this android apps, you can get information about virtual reality while playing games.
Google told these 12 apps are the best in the Android Platform
Google told these 12 apps are the best in the Android Platform
Google told these 12 apps are the best in the Android Platform
Google told these 12 apps are the best in the Android Platform

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